Pet Portrait Tattoos

Chad is a professional tattoo artist in San Diego, CA who specializes in Pet Portrait Tattoos. From his private downtown art studio he is able to design and create the perfect pet portrait tattoo for his clients.

It is estimated that over 68% of the households in the U.S. have pets and the percentage is probably higher in San Diego. That is a lot of furry and feathered family members. We are a country of pet lovers! Those of us that have pets know that they are cared for like they are members of the family. When it comes to their happiness there is really nothing we won’t do for them.

In recent years, art enthusiasts and tattoo collectors have started memorializing their pets in the form of tattoos. Getting a pet portrait tattoo is a way to show the love and devotion you have for you furry or feathered family members. Being a pet owner here in San Diego, Chad has learned to specialize in capturing the personality of pets using his bold, color illustrative style. Whether it’s a single cat portrait or a group of horses, Chad will work his magic to create the best composition possible.

Tattoo Composition

Please view Chad’s collection of pet portrait tattoos below to get a feel for his style and approach to capturing the moment. To avoid the cliché floating head “Pet Tattoo” and to have a better composition, Chad will work with you to add other elements to the tattoo to add visual appeal as well as balance.


The requirements for starting a pet portrait tattoo is to have great reference photos. Please try to supply the largest photos possible of your pet that you feel visually expresses their personality. Using these photos Chad will be able to compose the best pet portrait tattoo possible.

Please contact Chad by using the contact form below to set up your consultation to begin the process of your pet portrait tattoo.


I decided to get my first pet portrait tattoo in honor of my dog, Baxter. I didn’t necessarily want just a portrait of him and I liked the idea of a Foo Dog design but didn’t want something too generic. Having seen Chad’s artistic abilities, I thought a piece representing my dog as a Foo Dog would be a perfect combination, and he nailed it.

This portrait tattoo means a lot to me because dogs have always been an important part of my life. Having a tribute of one of my best companions means he will always be with me. Having that tribute be a unique piece of art that I get to wear everyday is as good as it gets.

– Dustin Rief


This pet portrait tattoo expresses the joys in my life, my Boston terrier and Halloween. I went to Chad because his work is absolutely fantastic. Bold, colorful, and fun. I knew that he would understand just how important these are to me. I told him about how when she was a puppy, I carried her around town in a pumpkin pale. His enthusiasm to create this piece had me over the moon with excitement. It makes a client feel good when the artist truly cares about what they put on your body. Chad took an idea and turned it into a visual love letter.

– Randy Renaud

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