Tattoo Cover Ups

Chad is a professional tattoo artist in San Diego, CA who specializes in correcting some of the most difficult tattoo cover ups. From his downtown private art studio he is able to collaborate and create the perfect cover up tattoo for his clients.

Most bad tattoos come at the stage in your life where impulse decisions out weigh the rational thoughts to research a good artist. Not many care to talk about the under age trip to the seedy tattoo shop across town to get the tribal armband or butterfly and daisies. Mainly so you could show up to school on Monday and be the talk of the lunchroom. How many times has that story has been told in the tattoo shops of San Diego?

For those that can relate or have the old blob of sun-burnt skin and ink that once resembled a rose, Chad Whitson is a professional tattoo artist that can help. We all make mistakes, but flip the coin, take these experiences not as a mistake but as an opportunity to find a good quality artist. One that will not only help you with a tattoo cover up to forget the old memories but also create a relationship that will hopefully create new artwork in the future.

Tattoo Cover Up Process

The steps that Chad uses for a quality tattoo cover up will start with a consultation. During the consultation Chad will use his years of experience to advise you on the options you have for the cover up. Most tattoos, if they are light enough can be almost completely hidden beneath fresh ink and within the darker colors of a new tattoo. Based on the age and density of the tattoo you want covered up this process may be your best option. For tattoos that are extremely dark and have large areas of dense ink, some tattoo removal may be necessary to lighten the area to be able to add new ink for the tattoo cover up.

This is just a sampling of his work and what can be accomplished by cover-ups. One disclaimer that should be stated is this – take your cover-up seriously.  Do-over’s don’t exist for a cover up due to the size and amount of ink required to cover old ink. Being one of the few tattoo cover up experts in San Diego, Chad understands this and therefore wants you to be completely comfortable and happy with your new tattoo.

Contact Chad through the form below to set up a consultation for your tattoo cover up.

Tattoo Black Outs

Another option for covering up old tattoos is to black out the tattoo by tattooing solid black over it. It gives the area a fresh look and completely covers any old existing ink. Quality and consistency is key for a good quality black out coverup. Prices for black outs start at $300 an hour and an entire sleeve takes around 10 hours to complete. Other areas can be quoted as needed. Please contact Balancing Act Tattoo using the form below to start the process.

Client Experience #1

I have had the leprechaun tattoo since 1995. It was a spur of the moment thing to walk in a studio and pick some tattoo flash. I wanted something that represented my heritage and history. However, over time this faded from the sun and not well maintained. Also, it was positioned to far forward and not centered on the arm.

In late 2008, I was working on websites for a local tattoo studio when I met Chad. He was able to teach me that there was such a thing as a bad tattoo. His style impressed me with the vibrant colors and his ability to freehand the image. I asked him if he was able to cover up the leprechaun. It was old and faded, so he told me it was not a problem. Then I would need to provide some reference material and he would do the rest.

After some long deliberation and sticking with my Celtic theme I found a tree oracle image. The Green Man is an ancient and popular icon of the natural world – spirit of nature and wisdom. Once I handed over the reference material we discussed different options and color schemes. I basically told him he was the artist and I trust his judgment. The only caveat was that the leaves had to go with the living and dying theme or life. He was able to capture this and I will be back for more ink from this phenomenal artist!

-Tim O’Donal

Client Experience #2

I am very honored to have found Chad and to be wearing his artwork. I went to Chad with a large/dark tribal that I got tattooed when I was younger that wouldn’t be easy to cover.

After meeting with Chad twice, I felt that we had a good understanding of what I wanted and what he was going to do. I was very surprised and knew I made the right choice in this true professional. When I sat in the chair and the “outline portion” of the tattoo was drawn on vice stenciled. We discussed what I wanted tattooed and the symbolism while leaving the placement and colors up to him.

After five sittings, I was VERY pleased of the work that Chad completed. It completely covered my dark tribal without compromising the new work; none of the symbolism was lost. His line work and choice in colors were outstanding as they really pop out. I get compliments on this tattoo and his excellent artwork has resulted in several of my friends converting into customers of Chads.

I am so happy with the new work and covering of the old that I will no longer visit any other tattoo artist for work. Thanks Chad for the rockin tattoo!

– Josh Roberts

Client Experience #3

Around the time that I was 18 years old, I had a sun tattoo put on my upper arm because I thought it would look “cool”. The amount of thought that I put into it was around the same amount of figuring out what I would like to drink.

Needless to say I was unimpressed with what I received to be permanently put on my body. Years went by until I met Chad Whitson. Chad and I went over a few designs and he came up with the elephant with a glass lotus flower. Drawn on with only markers it was already better than what I had hoped. Now every time I look at my upper arm,

I am pleased and delighted to have such an amazing piece of art on my body. Chad Whitson is less of a tattooer and more of a magician. Thanks again Chad!

– Luke Forton

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