Color Illustrative Tattoos

Chad is a professional tattoo artist in San Diego, CA who specializes in Color illustrative tattoos. From his private downtown studio he’s able to imagine and create the perfect color illustrative tattoos for his clients.

Color illustrative tattoos are a hybrid style of tattooing that honors the traditions of bold outline traditional tattooing with modern elements of realism using bright shading and blends. The result is a tattoo that will tell a story from across the room and hold up for years and years.

While trained in most tattoo styles the color illustrative format it Chad’s favorite to create with.  It affords him a wide range of artistic freedom with the unique and diverse subject matter he’s presented with. It gives him the palette to create intricate designs and concepts while adhering to the rules of tattooing. This gives his clients am original tattoo that not only looks great on day one but for many years to come.

Taking on new projects for color illustrative tattoos starts with a consultation. Chad will meet with you and get your ideas for the illustrative tattoo and educate and guide you to help create the best composition for your new piece. Chad works best like this because he can pull from his experience to organize the best artistic plan for the tattoo. Once a design is agreed upon the tattoo can be made in one session for smaller pieces or could require several sessions for larger tattoos.

Please take a look at some of Chad’s color illustrative tattoo work below to get a feel for the style and palette he works with. If you have any questions or would like to set up a consultation, please contact Chad using the form below.


The process of getting this color illustrative tattoo has been one of the best experiences I have had. My ideas were understood from the beginning. I’ve always been drawn to the dark and macabre. Taking that and adding elements of organized religion is what this tattoo is about. The idea of how toxic it can get when people blindly follow and don’t think for themselves. Giving him the creative liberty the piece came out exactly how I wanted.

– Lindsay Ferguson


I was in the Navy, I was never really the best sailor but at 18 years of age with money and limited freedom who really is? I had my fair share of trouble while I was enlisted including: drunken bar brawls, gambling, bartering with government equipment and all the other unsavory stereotypes sailors have gained over the years. The Drunken Pirate Parrot represents the rebellious pirate that loomed inside of young clean cut sailor me. The Drunken Pirate Parrot is a solid representation of Chad’s artistic abilities, imagination, and technical application and it is more than I could have ever envisioned. The art work he has given me is and will always be inspiring and I am proud to wear it.

– Michael Clifford

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Private Studio in San Diego

The Balancing Act Tattoo Craft studio is located in a historic building in Downtown San Diego.