A condition in which different elements in the universe are equal or in the correct proportions.

The Balancing Act Tattoo Craft is meant to be a standard for focus in life and I find that balance in the art of custom color tattoos. The craft takes extreme patience, unwavering desire, and intense focus. My highest focus and happiness is in the pursuit to find some kind of center – the place one that feels like it’s all being handled evenly and with moderation.

Feel like planning for your next tattoo?

Hopefully, you’re staying safe and healthy right now, but with the tattoo shops opening back up we know what it’s like to need something to look forward to. There are things are on the list that need to get done, and if starting a new tattoo or finishing an existing piece is on the list we’d like to give you the Balancing Act Tattoo Craft personal experience.

We recommend that you begin planning for your tattoo art right now… crazy, right?

The way we see it:

1) It’ll give you something to do while you’re stuck at home
2) Schedule an appointment. Balancing Act Tattoo Craft is open for private, personal appointments.
3) It’ll give you something to look forward to
4) You’ll have the piece of mind of getting tattooed in a safe, sterile and one-on-one setting.

Go ahead and make your tattoo appointment. If your health is an issue getting close to your appointment day you can always change or reschedule your plans. Meanwhile, start dreaming up and putting together that tattoo idea you so greatly deserve and use the websites to help you find inspiration and get in touch with us here at Balancing Act Tattoo Craft.

In the meantime, wash your hands, wear a mask, practice social distancing, stay strong and hopeful. We really are all in this together.

Your Friends at Balancing Act Tattoo Craft

About the Artist

In the span of almost 20 years of tattooing, I’ve made myself a reputation of being a color-illustrative tattoo artist. I take pride in fully saturated, colorful, custom color tattoos. Animals, flowers, imaginary creatures from far off worlds are some of my favorite things to draw and tattoo. I find it more efficient when a client allows me the artistic freedom with the positioning, design flow, etc. Too many restrictions for your future tattoo may hinder the creativity to turn it into a masterpiece!

There hasn’t been a day where art has not been prevalent in my life. I recognize that I am beyond lucky to be able to do what I love for a career and continue to bring custom color tattoos and artwork into the world. When I originally got into tattooing, I had no clue of the doors it would open, the relationships that I would form, and all the places it would take me. It’s been such an amazing road of experiences, travel, and growth!

Love doing animal portraits. Are they worth it to you to keep them with you forever? If so, let’s make them at their happiest on your skin! #balancingacttattoo #sandiegotattoos #sandiegotattooartist #sandiegoartist #sandiego #webgallery ...

Reminiscing about this #fearandloathinginlasvegas tattoo I did a few years back. Too fun! @chadwhitsontattoo #webgallery ...

“My promise is to provide you with pieces that will make you smile if you promise to trust me as an artist to combine your ideas with my creativity.”

Chad whitson – artist


A non-refundable deposit of $200 is required to schedule an appointment and will be applied to your last session. Consults are always free and welcomed!

My normal rate for a new tattoo and original design is $200 per hour.  Cover-up tattoos that do not get lightening sessions with laser is $250 per hour. I will definitely let you know if it’s possible to achieve the cover-up with or without laser. The ultimate goal of a cover-up is to not end up with a bigger mess.

I do half day and full day rates to make it a set price if that’s what you prefer. Half day is 4 hours at $600 and full day is 8 hrs at $1200. If you’re not able to fulfill the length of your intended session (half or full day), the rate still applies.

What to expect:

I normally do “in-person” consultations at a nearby coffee shop, but phone consultations are urged prior to our meeting. The studio is a private full rooftop workspace that is by appointment only. You will get a one on one session making this a perfect space for any celebrity, athlete, or anyone that prefers some privacy during their sessions.

For booking information, email:

Contact Us

Private Studio in San Diego


The Balancing Act Tattoo Craft studio is located in a historic building in Downtown San Diego.